Wood heater and chimney flue cleaning and maintenance
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Wood heater and chimney flue cleaning and maintenance

At SmartBurn we recommend regular maintenance of both your wood heater and chimney flue. An efficient heater provides for a better view of the fire and the wood burns better and cleaner. If you also burn clean, dry and good quality timber this goes far in preventing heavy burdens of creosote in your flue. Having a proper maintenance system extends the life of your investments and gives you many years of great experiences.

You can easily do daily maintenance yourself by simply following some key housekeeping

  1. Burn dry, clean timber EVERY TIME

  2. Do not use newspaper as kindling. Instead use wood kindling and fire lighters

  3. Add a SmartBurn to ensure heavy creosote burdens are dissolved and ongoing burdens do not form

  4. Keep your air control fully open for the first 20 minutes of operation and after adding any new wood  to the heater

  5. Use smaller logs to get the fire established and larger logs for slower burning



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