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Customer Testimonials

SmartBurn has made happy customers all over the world and we are proud to share some of our experiences with you. Here's a list of some of our clients' testimonials.













“It honestly worked”

I purposely set my wood heater so it would smoke (went out and checked), installed the little wonder … within 3 minutes … no smoke! It honestly worked, I could not believe it.

Richard (Launceston, TAS)


“More heat, cleaner burning, leaner smoke, cleaner glass”

I am impressed with SmartBurn, the product has all the attributes claimed, more heat, cleaner burning, leaner smoke, cleaner glass, I have recommended your product to all and will continue to do so. Thank you.

Judi (Launceston, TAS)


“Reduced wood consumption”

Increased heat output, reduced wood consumption and burning longer.

Betty & Roy (VIC)



“SmartBurn lasted for 3 months”

What a fantastic product… increase in heat output…. can run on low for longer. Definitely reduced smoke output, reduced wood consumption and cleaner glass SmartBurn lasted for 3 months.

Wayne (NSW)


“Fire does not smoke as much”

I no longer have to clean my glass door as often … fire does not smoke as much. I have used half as much wood as I normally would.

Alison (WA)



“Definitely longer burn time”

There is greater heat, definitely longer burn time, less smoke, reduced wood consumption.

Hugh (VIC)



“Environmentally friendly”

Fantastic..It’s a great invention. Helps wood fires be more environmentally friendly! I’ll keep singing its praises to everyone I meet.

Diana (TAS)


“Hardly see the smoke from the chimney”

There is little or no ash to clean out… hardly see the smoke from the chimney … combustion is more complete.

Frances (WA)



“Significant reduction in smoke output”

A significant reduction in smoke output- both inside the house and outside

Sharyn & Scott (VIC)






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