Why you shouldn`t clean your own chimney!
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Why you shouldn`t clean your own chimney!


Home maintenance is never fun and most of the time it’s not easy either. Whilst a lot of jobs can be achieved DIY, chimney cleaning is best left to the experts. Why? Unless your work with chimneys there is a good chance you may overlook a problem, such as cracked bricks or loose flashings. Draft is a very important aspect in wood heating and one of the biggest benefits in hiring a professional chimney sweep is their expertise. The correct size, design and height of flues is critical to how a chimney functions and an expert will know how to handle any issue and correctly make the needed modifications.

Performing a thorough chimney clean also means you will need to climb onto your roof and get into some serious positions. A professional is trained to work at height and has the necessary skill to stay safe and avoid a tumble.

Ensure you hire a professional chimney sweep once a year who will provide a thorough clean (if necessary) and inspection to ensure its functionality and your safety. You can find a list of suitable professionals at www.homeheat.com.au



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