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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or need some help, please take a moment to read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

View the FAQs below or view our PDF HERE.

How does SmartBurn work?

The SmartBurn pollution reduction device is a steel tubular device containing a solid mixture of natural ingredients. Once heated, the ingredients melt and sit in the ‘bowl’ of the steel casing and slowly release a small amount of vapourised ingredients from the open ends.


This vapour allows more of the gases that are being released from the wood’s heated surface to be burnt ‘within’ the firebox rather than going up the chimney flue as ‘wasted fuel’.


This results in up to a 54%* reduction in wood smoke emissions and a 17%* more effective burn of wood. A small amount of these ingredients will act on any existing residues (creosote) on the internal walls in the chimney flue, and these will be slowly removed.


Once the fire-box is cold, the ingredient mixture becomes a solid again.

Is SmartBurn easy to use?

One of the many benefits of SmartBurn is its simplicity. Follow the placement guidelines for your style of heater before lighting.


Please note - If you are unable to establish an effective fire due to inadequate ‘draw’, please seek the services of a professional chimney sweep for a thorough inspection of your flue before using SmartBurn.

Can SmartBurn be setup on a house or paving brick rather than a firebrick?

Please don’t put a regular house or paving brick in your firebox as these bricks are not kilned to withstand the rapid heating and cooling of the firebox and may crack or explode. Firebricks have been kilned to withstand these heating and cooling conditions.

How long does it take to see benefits and how long will SmartBurn last?

There are several variables when it comes to wood heating and how long before you should expect to see results. Variables include the amount of air available, type of wood being used, moisture content of wood, arrangement of SmartBurn in your firebox, amount of ash on the baffle plate, existing creosote build-up etc. You should however start seeing promising results after 2-4 weeks.


When used correctly SmartBurn is designed to last up to 3 months before it needs to be replaced. Temperature regulates the speed at which the SmartBurn ingredients vapourise.

How do I know that my SmartBurn is working?

SmartBurn improves the combustion process within the firebox. The following benefits can be observed:

  • Cleanchimneyflue - reduced risk of chimney or house fire!
  • Reducedsmokefromthechimneyflueenteringtheatmosphere - smoke is wasted fuel!!
  • Cleanerheaterglasswindow - more heat is radiated into the room
  • Firewood burns for longer
  • Lesswoodused - the amount of wood saved can be about the value of the SmartBurn
  • Fire lights easier - fire draws better reducing smoke into the room
  • Less ash and charcoal to clean out
  • Less soot and sap on the roof-cleaner water entering your rainwater tank.

How does the SmartBurn reduce emissions from the chimney flue?

The SmartBurn vapour works directly on the gases released from the wood allowing them to ignite at a lower temperature and avoiding these gases escaping unburnt into the atmosphere. The ingredients in SmartBurn increase the intensity of the flame ensuring the energy stored in smoke is incinerated resulting in up to 54% less wood smoke.

How does SmartBurn reduce a fire risk in the chimney?

The SmartBurn device has been designed to clean the chimney flue by slowly removing highly combustible creosote accumulations which are the primary cause of chimney fires. When hot, SmartBurn continually cleans the chimney flue while the fire burns for the life of the device.

Why does smoke come out of the door when I open it?

Smoke spillage can occur if the flue gets blocked with creosote. The SmartBurn device is designed to clean the chimney flue of these deposits whilst preventing further build-ups.


Smoke spillage can also occur if falling creosote and ash builds-up on top of the baffle plate (the baffle plate is usually level with the top of the heater door, with a gap between the front of the heater and the plate). To check this use a piece of wire or wire coat hanger that has been bent and scrape the surface of the baffle plate to remove this build-up.

Is SmartBurn effective on new compliant heaters?

Yes. SmartBurn has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety in accordance with Australia and New Zealand standards. *AS/NZS 4012:1999; AS/NZS 4013:1999;AS/NZS2918:2001 and U.S.ASTM2515-07EPAM method 5G and Method 28.


This testing has proven that SmartBurn reduces wood smoke emissions by up to 54%, whilst gaining up to 17% more value from wood.

Will the ingredients released from SmartBurn corrode my chimney flue or copper wetback?

No. The SmartBurn ingredients have been tested and certified not to contribute to corrosion, degradation or pitting. It is important to only use dry wood since the moisture in wood converts to water vapour which can be highly corrosive.

Does the SmartBurn deteriorate when the fire is not in use?

No. They have been specifically designed to ‘only’ be activated when the fire is heated. They have no shelf life or expiry when cold.

Will SmartBurn work in a potbelly stove or wood combustion kitchen stove?

Yes, but these stoves tend to run very hot. SmartBurn will certainly work effectively but its life may not be as long. To ensure the maximum life from the SmartBurn you may like to place it in the ‘ash-pan’ and sit it on a fire brick to keep it level. You can further protect the SmartBurn from extreme heatby placing a fire brick over it.

My SmartBurn casing is empty

This may be due to several reasons:

  • On cooling, the ingredients may adhere to the inside of the SmartBurn casing and will not rattle when shaken giving the impression it is empty when in fact it is not, continue to use your SmartBurn unit; OR
  • A log may have accidentally moved the SmartBurn causing the ingredients to run into the ash; OR
  • TheSmartBurnmayhavebeenoverheatedandtheingredientshavefully vapourised; OR
  • If you have had the SmartBurn device in your fire for a few months it has most likely reached the end of its effective life.


What do the ingredients look like if found in the ash?

When cold, the mixture of ingredients will look like a solid flat pancake or fried egg (without the yellow yolk). It will vary in colour of variations from mottled grey - brown - silver - white - black - depending on the type of wood used. Just ‘leave it’ in the base of the firebox.

Will the ingredients still work if they have fallen out into the ash?

Yes, the ingredients will still work outside the vessel however our recommendation is to leave the ingredients there and keep the ash covering to a minimum - do not try to put the ingredients back in the casing. As temperature regulates the speed at which the ingredients are put to use, once outside the vessel they are in direct heat so may exhaust prematurely.

Will SmartBurn work better if I make my fire ‘Super’ hot?

No. As temperature regulates the speed at which the ingredients are put to use, a roaring fire will accelerate their use. SmartBurn prefers to be placed in the cooler areas of the firebox- preferably to one side.

How will I know when to replace my SmartBurn?

It is recommended that you commence each wood burning season with new SmartBurns. When used correctly SmartBurn is designed to be effective for up to 3 months before it needs to be replaced. The temperature of the fire regulates the speed at which the SmartBurn ingredients vapourise. If you notice any of the following it may be time to purchase a new SmartBurn: Excessive smoke being emitted from the chimney flue; Heater glass window becoming discoloured; Fire isn’t drawing as well as it has been.


Tip - After buying a new SmartBurn -keep your old SmartBurn in the fire incase some of the ingredients remain and have adhered to the inside of the casing.

How do I dispose of my empty SmartBurn unit?

Thoughtfully dispose of your empty SmartBurn with your general refuse.

Will I still need to have my chimney or flue inspected?

It is important to have your heater serviced regularly and your chimney serviced by a professional chimney sweep annually. By using a SmartBurn there will be less creosote, however a professional chimney sweep may identify other structural and safety issues with your chimney flue.

How do I learn more about how to maximise the efficiency of my wood heater?

Go to our website (resource section) for tips on using your wood heater efficiently for maximum heat and minimum pollution.

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