SmartBurn Checklist for Winterizing your Home
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SmartBurn Checklist for Winterizing your Home

To help keep you and your family safe no matter the weather conditions during winter, there are numerous things to do before it gets too cold. To help you get started, here is a checklist with some of the most important tasks to get your home winter ready this Autumn;


  1. Prune your trees
  2. Clean your gutters and check your  downpipes too
  3. Check and replace any damaged  roof tiles
  4. Insulate your home for a warmer winter
  5. Check smoke alarms
  6. Ensure your chimney is inspected +/- and cleaned
  7. Inspect and clean your firebox or fireplace
  8. Stock up on extra  firewood in case winter arrives earlier than expected
  9. Prepare your pool for winter
  10. Fertilize your lawn
  11. Seal in the heat and prevent draughts through doors and windows using caulking or weather stripping
  12. Put away any outdoor gear
  13. Bring out your winter bedding
  14. Ensure you have torches, candles, matches, globes and extra batteries ready


We hope these small tips help ensure you prepare your home for the cold weather ahead. xx

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