7 Reasons to use a SmartBurn
in your Wood Fire

1. Produces up to 17%* MORE VALUE from your Wood

• The SmartBurn ingredients work by lowering the ignition temperature and allowing more flammable smoke particles to be burned within the fire, rather than going up the chimney as wasted fuel.
• Certified Laboratory Testing has shown that wood lasts up to 17% longer when using SmartBurn in your wood fire.
• By slowing down the combustion rate, SmartBurn helps the fire burn longer overnight, thereby increasing the value achieved from your wood.
• The money saved from using less wood will offset the cost of the SmartBurn device.

2. Dramatically REDUCES SMOKE emissions by up to 54%*

• SmartBurn works directly on the gases and particles released from wood smoke- ensuring they ignite and preventing them escaping unburnt into the atmosphere. This results in up to a 54% reduction in particulate emissions.
• Each SmartBurn device can prevent approximately 15kg of particulate emissions.
• Less soot and sap on the roof therefore cleaner water entering rainwater tanks.
• Tested and Certified by Australian Home Heating Association NATA Certified Laboratory (now VIPAC) and OMNI-Test Laboratories, U.S.A.

3. CLEANS the chimney while the fire burns

• SmartBurn dissolves existing creosote build-ups and is designed to keep the flue free from heavy deposits.
• Condensation of smoke in chimneys and flues creates creosote - the primary cause of chimney fires. SmartBurn reduces this danger because it burns more of the gases and particles before they escape up the chimney as smoke.
• Fire lights easier and ‘draws’ better reducing smoke spillage into the room.

4. CLEANS the heater glass window and reduces ash build-up

• The device is designed to reduce stubborn stains and tar accumulations on your heater glass door resulting in more radiant heat and increased efficiency.
• Dramatically reduces the amount of fine ash, dust and charcoal in the firebox.

5. EFFECTIVE for up to 3 months of continuous use

• Simply place the device as per the How to Use guidelines and leave - it’s that simple!
• Each device has a working life of approximately 3 months. The temperature of the fire, firebox size and type of fuel used regulates the speed at which the SmartBurn ingredients are put to use/ evaporate.

6. Contains NATURAL, Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive Ingredients

• SmartBurn has been tested by a NATA Certified Independent Laboratory.
• Certified as non-corrosive by SGS Testing Laboratory Sydney Australia.

7. MULTI-AWARD winning Australian Invention

• SmartBurn have won 72 Awards for Environmental Sustainability, Innovation & Excellence.
• SmartBurn is a leader in the field of reducing wood smoke emissions and is committed to educating operators about the correct use of their heating appliances.
• Proudly Australian invented, manufactured and family owned.