Responsible Techniques for Wood Heater Operation

The key to clean and efficient heating is to operate your heater correctly. The knowledge and skills needed to operate a wood burning system effectively needs to be learned and practiced to get right. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you burn smartly:

What you can do?

1.      Start out right

  • Only use dry, seasoned , untreated wood
  • Purchase firewood from a reputable wood reseller who complies with the national code of practice for firewood supplies
  • Freshly cut wood needs to be stored in a dry, ventilated area for at least 12 months before using. Store the wood in a crisscross fashion to allow air to circulate freely. Wood heaters operate best when wood is completely dry and well seasoned
  • Use a well- maintained heater. We only recommend and endorse heaters that meet Australian Standards
  • Always use a SmartBurn within your wood heater to improve  combustion efficiency

2.     Burn correctly

  • When lighting your fire, use plenty of dry kindling/paper to establish a good fire quickly
  • Use several smaller logs rather than one large log. Stack the logs loosely so air can circulate around them
  • Run combustion heaters on a high burn rate for the first 20-25 minutes of operation
  • For overnight burning, load your heater half an hour before going to bed with several medium sized pieces of wood. Once the wood is charred (approx 20 minutes) turn the air supply down to a sufficient rate before leaving the fire so that it has a flame all night and doesn't smoulder


3.      Burn it bright

  • Wait for the fire to become established before adding extra fuel
  • Open the air controls fully for 5 minutes before and 20 minutes after loading to allow good air flow in to the heater
  • Keep the flame lively and bright, do not let the fire smoulder


4.    Chimney/Heater Maintenance 

  • A buildup of soot in your chimney will reduce the fires efficiency and can cause chimney fires. Ensure your wood heater is serviced once a year and have your flue cleaned regularly by a professional chimney sweep


5.    Add a SmartBurn

  • SmartBurn dramatically  improves the combustion process in domestic wood heaters and increases the heat of the fire by up to 17%*. SmartBurn enables the flammable black soot to be burned ‘within’ the fire rather than it going up the chimney as 'wasted fuel'
  • During its lifespan each SmartBurn prevents approximately 15kg worth of particulate emissions from entering the atmosphere.The size of a spectacle case, this small metal cylinder also cleans the chimney, reducing chimney fire risk and simultaneously improves air quality by reducing smoke haze and particulate emissions by up to 54%*. SmartBurn contains non toxic natural ingredients and is effective for 3months


6.    Ensure your flue is well designed

  • Ensure your chimney or flue is high enough to allow combustion gases to disperse
  • Do not fit a rain protector, or Chinaman’s cap that restricts the upward flow of hot gases


7.    Insulate your Home

  • Ensure ceilings are insulated
  • Close doors of any rooms you do not wish to heat
  •  Install thick curtains and draft proofing around doors