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Local Council Endorsement

The SmartBurn device is recommended and utilized by many Australian local Government Councils and Environmental Health Officers in response to nuisance complaints about wood heater smoke pollution. Further to this some Councils subsidise the Smartburn device to their residents when there is a keen desire to achieve wood smoke reduction targets across their community.

Environmental Officers, Councils and University Officals

Professor Don Hine- University of New England (NSW)

“We conducted a field experiment last year and found that both education and SmartBurn canisters were effective in significantly reducing wood smoke emissions from participating households.”

Hon Michelle Lensink -Shadow Environment Minister (SA)

"I've noticed how much cleaner the emissions are ... this is exciting ... its a fantastic product... product such as yours helping our environment."

Manager Environmental Services, Launceston City Council (TAS)

“The Launceston City Council Air Quality Team has been undertaking visual monitoring of the smoke emissions from these (11) dwellings using the three smoke emission categories. To date there has been only two of the eleven participants observed to have reached category 3 smoke levels. This is a vast improvement over past observations of these dwellings. We wish you well with your product.”