How to use SmartBurn

Lounge Combustion Heater

Lounge Combustion Heater Instructions SmartBurn Placement

Place SmartBurn flat and level towards the front corner of your firebox on a firebrick. This allows the product to "breathe" and also helps to keep the tube flat and level which keeps the ingredients in the casing. A small scattering of ash between the fire brick and SmartBurn is also highly recommended as this creates a "bed" for the device to nestle into.  If using 2 SmartBurns place them on opposite sides of the heater at each front corner.

How many SmartBurns do I need in my Combustion Heater?

  • One SmartBurn is suitable for small to medium sized heaters (under 18sq,180m2 heating area, 18kW or 1800sq ft)
  • Two SmartBurns will be more effective in medium to large heaters (over 18sq, over 180m2 heating area over 18kW or over 1800sq ft). This extra SmartBurn is needed to cope with the increased wood load and heater space.
  • Two SmartBurns will also be more effective in situations where you have a chimney with a bend, a long chimney as with a two storey house or existing creosote buildup in the chimney.
  • Each SmartBurn should last up to 3 months.

Open Fireplace

Open Fireplace Instructions SmartBurn Placement

  • Place the SmartBurns flat and level on top of the grate at opposite ends of the grate. By keeping the SmartBurns level the ingredients remain in the casing.
  • If the grate you have doesn’t allow for the SmartBurns to be kept level, place them under the grate.

How many SmartBurns do I need in my Open Fireplace?

  • Two SmartBurn units are recommended to cope with the increased wood load, heater space and open heating environment unique to open fireplaces.
  • Each SmartBurn should last up to 3 months.

Kitchen Wood Stove Instructions Kitchen Wood Stove

SmartBurn Placement

  • Sit SmartBurn in the 'ash pan' compartment, on a small brick to prevent the ends from being covered in ash.
  • It is not recommended that the SmartBurn be placed inside the firebox as the higher temperatures generated in this style of stove will prematurely exhaust the ingredients.

How many SmartBurns do I need in my Kitchen Wood Stove?

  • One SmartBurn unit.
  • Each SmartBurn should last up to 3 months.