About the Inventor- Peter Hutchison

Peter Hutchison is both an Industrial Chemist by trade and a passionate Environmentalist. Peter has a wealth of knowledge in the area of Hydrocarbon Combustion developed from over 25 years working in Coal Fired Power Generation.

When Peter’s sister had a severe fire in her chimney because of the buildup of flammable soot and sap, Peter realised the danger and the need for a solution to this serious and widespread problem. It took Peter 5 years to invent, perfect and develop the SmartBurn device.

SmartBurn is the only product that will improve the combustion efficiency in domestic wood heaters, reduce particulate emissions by up to 54%, whilst simultaneously cleaning the chimney and heater glass window.

Since SmartBurn’s launch on the ABC TV Program, The New Inventors, the device is now available in over 900 Retail Outlets throughout Australia, the United States,Chile & Denmark and the U.K. The growing and successful business founded by Peter is responsible for preventing over 1,600 tonnes of particulate emissions from entering the atmosphere in Australia, and has won many Awards for Environmental Sustainability, Innovation and Excellence.